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Superb Quality: WOWLLY‘s COMET series pickleball balls are carefully manufactured and vehemently tested to uphold our high standard of performance and durability.

USA Pickleball Approved: Seamless construction, rotationally molded one piece construction to ensure consistency in bounces from any hitting angle. 40 precision drilled perfectly placed holes, 74mm in diameter and 26 grams in weight.

Durability: Comet series pickleball balls uses the best non-toxic raw materials. More durable and crack less than older generation and competitors. Crispier feel during (WOWLLY) rally. Great for tournament, games and practices.

Outdoor use: 40-hole balls are specifically designed for outdoor use. Ensuring resilience and optimal gameplay.

Variety of Colors: Suit every taste and preference. Whether you prefer vibrant and eye-catching shades or more subtle and classic tones, we have the perfect pickleball for you. Find your favorite color and make a statement on the court.

Wowlly Yellow outdoor ball - 3 x pack

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