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Consistent control with power on demand.

The all NEW fully redesigned GH7+ is setting a new standard for mid-level honeycomb paddles. With an array of new higher-end features, starting from the core to the paddle face, the GH7+ will be your ally on the court as you develop your game and skill level.


Weight 8.0 oz225 g
Grip4”10 cm
Handle length4.8″12 cm
Paddle length15.8”40 cm
Paddle width7.8”20 cm
Paddle thickness0.5”13 mm
Warranty1 year 

The new 12mm polypropylene honeycomb core gives this paddle remarkable stability with a pleasing soft feel. The hitting surface is built with a six ply glass fibre structure, providing consistent control with power on demand.


USAPA Approved for tournaments.

Gearbox GH7+in Blue

Colour: Blue
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